Sketching: Basic Tips & Tricks

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Experts from Imagination Academy of Fine art have shared Tips & Tricks that can help you get started & sketch like an Artist.

Whether you want technical pointers or techniques for getting inspired, there will be something to help you. Get ready to learn all you need to know about sketching.

Know your Pencil

It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, a professional fine artist, or you’re just learning to draw; a good graphite pencil is an essential part of any artist’s supplies. And an Artist uses more than one type of pencil with different grades. This allows switching between tools depending on the requirements of a particular image.

Consider the Texture

A good way of starting sketch is considering the texture if it is reflecting or smooth (It has higher contrasts and prominent highlights), and then if it is absorb or rough (it has low contrasts and little to no highlight present)

Hold your pencil

A basic grip for your pencil while sketching is the same as you use for writing. It should be adjusted to raise your hand off the paper & giving you more freedom. You can also train yourself to use different grips like overhand and underhand which are perfect for quick sketching and shading.

Try different styles & techniques

There are various different styles & techniques for sketching. You can try & achieve different styles and effects. It will help you understand what works best for you and how.

Prevent sketches from smudging

Smudging happens generally because while sketching your hand is resting completely on the paper. It is very important that you maintain the clean look of your art. So, make sure to always use an extra piece of paper underneath your hand. It will help you avoid the smudge and give your drawing a clean look.

Explore Edges

There are 2 main types of edges you should have your control on. The wise use of soft & hard edges differentiates advanced representational art from amateur efforts.

Smooth Shading requires few things to consider

When shading large areas to achieve smooth blends you have to take a couple things into consideration, such as:

 1. The pencil that you use

2. The way you apply the graphite

3. The texture of tooth of the paper

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