Painting: Basic Rules & Principles

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  • 01 Nov 2019 |

Painting is all about discovering your imagination, your creativity and your art. How you put your imagination into canvas and to put all your effort to make it real. Here are the basic rules which you must follow.

·        Focal point- The focal point of a painting can be a mass of the combination of objects or it can be a single object. Simplify all the details around it and start making the painting around that focal point. Place the focal point on the strong position with the right spot.

·        Dominant color theme- Choose the color like warm or cool. You might love other colors but selecting the theme is the most important part to contrast your painting with other colors. This will put grace in your painting and according to your theme you can fill up your painting with different colors to make it more interesting.

·        Spacing between Shapes- Put unequal space between the shape of element in your painting to give it a natural and interesting. Do not focus on the space; just try with your free hand. Place the objects of different size with different space.

·        Toning of Painting- Toning of painting with dark , medium and light shade to divide the area is very necessary. You can make the shading differently but follow the sequence. And you can divide the shading area unequally. The toning of colors from dark to light or light to dark can be vary according to the elements in your painting.

·        Mixing of colors-Merging the colors to give the perfect shades to your painting. The flow you take to color your painting and to shade with different colors. Use a free hand to mix the shades you are using in your painting. It will give a smooth texture to your painting and to give the perfect merging of colors.

Do not avoid these rules while making and shading the painting, these are the basic rules of painting which everyone must follow to get the smooth painting. Take your creativity and imagination to the next level.




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