Things to know before you start making oil painting

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Do you want to paint eye-catching, beautiful, expressive paintings with oils? Oil Painting is an exciting way to create art. However, many people can be intimidated by the medium of oil paints, when in fact it provides the ideal way to learn – which, of course, includes making mistakes. In fact, you can never really ruin an oil painting, as it can always be corrected and painted over.

The main thing with oils in painting is to have fun with it and enjoy its rich, generous and glossy texture.

Decide What to Paint

Do you want to paint a landscape? An interior? A flower vase? A bowl of fruit? No matter what you want to paint, decide on what it is about it that is drawing you to it. Is it the colors? Is it the way the light falls on it? Are there interesting textures? Consciously asking yourself questions like these and answering them will help as you make artistic decisions during the painting process and will help make your final painting more powerful.

Explore Mediums

Mediums can be used for a wide variety of purposes; it has a reason to give your paint a little bit of gloss. This also help your paint flow better and can be essential in blending and adding depth.

Mediums are the fatty additives you add to your paint.  There are thousands of different kinds you could use

Get the materials

So, what are the essentials? To get started with oil painting, you need:

  • Paint 
  • Palette
  • Brushes
  • A support
  • A way to clean up

Let’s consider both a good option and the best option for each of these essentials. My recommendations are based on personal experience with the supplies mentioned hereafter.

Make it Simple

Oil painting is straightforward, far simpler than any other painting types. Whatever you try to paint/draw, you'll get there quicker if you appreciate the larger dimensions of oil painting, and continually study the work of other practitioners, both the old and contemporary masters.

Paint Safely

Before you begin, it is extremely important to consider where you will paint. Many mediums, like turpentine, emit toxic fumes that can cause dizziness, fainting, and over time, respiratory problems. Turpentine is also highly flammable, and even rags that have absorbed the medium can self-ignite if not properly thrown away. It is of utmost importance that you work in a ventilated space that has access to a safe means of disposal. If you cannot work in such a space, try painting with acrylics, which can easily take on some of oil paints qualities with the help of special mediums

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